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Aaron Loux

Busy Corner Farm
   In 1983 my family moved to Cummington Massachusetts, buying the the old farmhouse and large barn that were part of Charlie Thayer's 'Busy Corner Farm'.  In the spring of '85 my sister Megan started a 4-H sheep project.  When asked how many sheep we could house, Cliff Thayer, our local mentor and friend (and also Charlie's nephew), told my father our barn was "big enough for more sheep than we'd ever want".  Ten years later we had nearly 100 sheep.

   The year after her market lamb project, my sister started raising Dorsets.  When my brother Ben got involved, he got into Hampshires.  The sheep became a big part of all our lives.  I always loved working with the sheep, and could not imagine a life without them.  In 1997 we picked up a third breed, Tunis, which are my favorite.  By that point Megan and Ben were almost out of the picture, but Nathan and I were still very involved.  

   Shearing for other people has opened up my eyes to aspects of the sheep industry outside of raising purebred meat sheep.  Though we still raise the three breeds we started with, my new perspective and other changes in our family may lead to a different version of Busy Corner Farm in the near future.  Whatever happens, being raised on the farm has instilled in me a passion for sheep, a strong work ethic, and an interest in shearing.  

   Feel free to ask about the farm, or stop by for a visit.  We always have sheep and freezer lamb for sale as well.  
 Hampshire Ewes

Dorset Yearling Ewe, Big E 2007

Tunis brood ewes at the summer pasture in Windsor
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